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Learn how to successfully innovate, reinvent and transform your business from the best.

A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.

John le Carré

Our intensive and world class market immersions will give you insights into carefully selected companies in the world’s most dynamic markets, including exciting start-ups. We will sharpen your professional and cultural skills to succeed in the new global economy. You will benefit from the knowledge of the world’s leading experts and our exceptional networks in China, Japan and India.


Executive Explorer in China:


Executive Explorer in Japan:

The next Executive Explorer will lead us to China and Japan in 2022, additional journeys to India will follow in 2022.

How to succeed in the new global economy: Lessons from China’s playbook

China will continue to be the world’s biggest and leading economic growth engine in the next decade. It is an obvious choice for anyone looking to expand their business overseas, but also to stay competitive in the current markets. It is also only a matter of time until many more Chinese companies will enter new international markets outside Asia.

Now is the time to include the “China factor” in your business strategy.

Understanding China’s new competencies, strong entrepreneurial character, and the opportunities for profitable partnerships will help your company to grow and to stay competitive internationally and at home.

Learn the Japanese art of business reinvention

After two decades of reinvention, Japanese companies have re-emerged as major players. They have responded to the rise of Asian competitors and new global competition by changing their strategies, operations and management approaches. This reinvention has made Japan the technology anchor for many global supply chains.

Learn how Japan’s largest companies are building new breakthrough innovation processes. Personally examine the impressive transformation of Japanese companies and understand how they evolved in order to compete in the new global economy.

Your Executive Explorer Experience:

  1. Learn how leading foreign companies have sustainably succeeded in the world’s most competitive markets
  2. Study local companies and get inspired by their strategies and company culture
  3. Spend time at Asia’s leading and most fascinating business schools and profit from discussions with their faculties
  4. Guided by the world’s leading experts, you will be equipped to transfer your experience into knowledge throughout your journey

The core elements of the Executive Explorer include:

  • Pre-program virtual briefing (2 months before)
  • In-market visits (5 days) of the most exciting companies in different sectors (from start-ups to blue chip companies)
  • Daily preparations and debriefings for guidance and perspective
  • Cultural immersions to better understand the local business culture
  • Post-program networking

What is one of the most significant changes in the Global Fortune 500 since 2010?

Since 2010 companies from the most dynamic markets in Asia have increased by52%

How many companies from China and Japan have become part of the Global Fortune 100 index since 2010?

5x more. Since 2010 the number has quintupled. From 5% to 25%.

What is the most powerful learning experience when you enter the Chinese market?

Companies entering China can expect up to10x the number of competitors compared with their home markets.

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