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Why are we named Impala Executive Services?

Our Corporate Design

Ulrike Arnold, Artist

We first met Ulrike Arnold while visiting a remote location at Utah’s Canyon Point in 2009, close to where dinosaurs once roamed. We watched her painting at the base of a hidden cave using local earth, collected from sand, shale, clay, coal and volcanic ash, as her paints. Ulrike told us that her pictures are not created in her studio in Düsseldorf, Germany, but in the locations where she finds these earths.

Ulrike Arnolds work

Since 40 years Ulrike travels to special places on every continent. Like for most of us, her journeys have widened her perspective of the world, and her work is reflecting her passion for various cultures, meeting local people and understanding philosophies and religions. Ulrike maintained throughout her career a curiosity for new places to paint, using each new location’s textures, colors and earth.

Her life as an artist is celebrated in the movie “Dialogue Earth” by Hank Levine, co-producer of Academy Award-nominated films “City of God” and “Wasteland” and her paintings are shown in exhibitions and sought-after by art collectors around the globe.

When we decided on our corporate design, we found the perfect match in Ulrike’s work. Her curiosity, passion for humanity and nature, gaining new experiences and finally creating high-quality masterpieces has inspired our work and offerings.

We are grateful that she has given us the permission to use her art. Please check her personal website for more very interesting information: www.ulrikearnold.com